$DPLS anyone who tells you that this wasn’t in an 8k may not have read the 8k from sec reports. Here is Distributorship Agreement w/Multinet… who has a $15m credit line, will stock items (listed), serve as an installer, where Darkpulse finalizes by turning the product/unit (EREBOS) on… So Is it far fetched to believe 165 units have been ordered? The question on everyone’s mind should be: when will they be shipped? Per the agreement payment is due 60 days post arrival. Also note Dennis stated “average market price”, key word “average”, is $150k per unit…expecting multinet to get a discount is reasonable. READ THE SEC REPORTS!!! sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data...
@MissVal I could be wrong but I'm guessing it would be toward December..... report says sales plan is agreed upon in September, to be executed January through December the following year.