$ZOM think long term til March. Commercials roll out March 30th. Buying on lows. My price per share staying low. I bought real low and I remember my goal.
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@umiletrader @charmingpennies my original target was met at a $1 but I was expecting March so I held. See this is going to yield more in the future with many people acquiring more companions, more women who cannot have children have companions (I know many women like this) and how people are generally on the internet significantly more than before, March's launch will set a standard in pet care awareness. I am excited and open to the gains we will discover. For now I am still assessing as I am yet still a novice but we are now in the age of aquarius, people will be shifting into caring for one another. Zom will be unique in spreading that caring nature of companion health as people lose loved ones during covid. March will be a game changer and I am getting shares in while I stay focused on the bigger picture.