$BA wise and insightful, love the analysis!
@JLInvest I agree - Boeing has been (mis) managed by ex-GE & Jack Welch soldiers. James McNerney (previous CEO before Dennis Muilenburg) & current CEO Dave Calhoun were both from GE. Most likely there are many GE lieutenants littered within Boeing org chart. Jack Welch soldiers were taught to cut every expense to the bone - even R&D - to free up cash to buy-back shares. This was the mission statement. In regards to GE, GE had an opportunity to be AWS - a cloud computing giant - but Welch soldiers chose not to spend money to develop the platform. Instead they acquired companies that provided GE w/ immediately cash flow like Kinder Peabody & NBC studios (both subsequently sold off). As you said, Boeing cost cutting has effected the engineering (positioning of the new engines, MCAS, Trim Wheel) & the manufacturing (debris in the fuel tanks, wiring, Angle of Attack Sensors) of the MAX.
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