@Nelsin @Jsteck and others. I continue to be amazed. The quality of participants and their comments continue to deteriorate here on StockTwits. I’ve now blocked hundreds and hundreds of them and my number of followers continues to rise. I don’t know if you’re finding the same thing but it seems that the maturity level, the seriousness, or the IQ of the commenters is falling fast. Thank goodness for those that want to share ideas and learn the business. I appreciate them and they’re the reason I’m still here. And as for the others, I suppose I should thank them for their money. 🌴🌴🌴
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@dennismccain @Nelsin @Jsteck keep doing what you are doing. There’s many of us, learning in silence from your kind work here. That inflationary feeling is the cost of having success. ST algo finds value in you and suggests you towards many, that’s a way to increase ST value. So since ST algo is like FED pumping money, you’ll have to work a little more with block and mute tools to keep that in control. I wish we had those tools in real economy also and also ST to improve that algo. Hope you don’t give up, we are here to just say thank you !
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