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    Sean McLaughlin Official Account Joined Dec 01, 2009

    Former Head of Community Development @ StockTwits. Independent Trader. Former Chicago Board of Trade Member. Host of the Gimme Some Options podcast. Grinder.


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      Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.
      Technology Consultant with an interest in marketing technology, information technology and the merger of IT / Marketing. Also, when I can, I like to take photos.
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      Michael Babad Official Account
      Report on Business news editor and blogger
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      Mike Levin
      I like quirky actors and sneaky Trendlines. Attracted to short term indicators and an occasional glass of Champanya, ok maybe a bottle...
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      Paul Hassebroek
      Investment Professional. Interested in: economics, investments, trading, VC, PE & sports. Tweets are purely personal & aren't advice or endorsements
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      Abu Sesay
      Young Financial Analyst just trying to learn the game and have fun. I welcome all insight.
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      irwin cohen
      /real estate investor. and. options .
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      Charles Sizemore Official Account
      Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA is the editor of Peak Income.
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      don d
      Longboards, swingtrades, and a day job.
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      David Atherton
      British full-time day/swing trader, mainly indices/FX and some stocks. See for my full profile. Twitter @adatherton Facebook adatherton1
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      Stephan Bogner
      Rockstone Research is a research house specialized in the analysis and valuation of capital markets and publicly listed companies. The focus is set on the exploration, development and production of resource deposits.
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      Peter Pham
      Peter Pham is a capital market specialist and entrepreneur. With expertise as a Head of Institutional Sales and Trading he closely watches the market and probes for investment opportunities..
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      John forrest
      day trader , volatility , momentum..
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      Bevan Lewis
      I work in the IT industry and have been trading since late 2007. I use a trend following approach trading the futures and forex markets via CFD.
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      George Wannabe is a global macro investor/analyst but above all passionate about finance! Also Follow on Twitter
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      Kyle Jensen
      "Risk Only What You Can Afford to Lose" Swing Trader with a decade of experience making all the most common mistakes all traders make. Keep it Simple, Follow Trend Manage Risk. Practice Mindfulness to keep the emotions in check
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      Kevin Gibson
      Visionary Entrepreneur Part time Forex trader. I've been trading Forex part time for 3 years. Before Forex I traded stocks and stock options.!/dgib1038
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      epri yono
      Trading stock = 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% study.
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      Thomas Edward Robinson
      Economics Major, Yale University 2010; Varsity Swim Captain; Investment Adviser to Cheng, Reville, Segall, and Wilson Inc.(Entrepreneurial Internet)
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      Vic Scherer
      Stock trader since 1995. Swings and dip-meat in liquid trends. Market Stats, BBQ hobbyist, former engineer. I do my own homework.
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      H Khan
      Just an electrical engineer trying to make sense of an uncooperative world. Mostly via index options and common stock.