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    christopher brecher Joined Sep 01, 2009

    Vice President and Lead Content Provider at Simpler Stocks ...Hyperactive, obsessive,professional trader since 1982. CBOE market maker(IBM PIT) 1985-1993...Day trader of stocks,options and futures since 1993.


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      Elliott Wave Analytics
      Elliott wave and technical analysis providing independent market and currency analysis for US and international investors via clear,simple and precise videos and trend analytics.
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      Robert Shin
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      Plain old trading. Option trades on watch list stocks and flash moves on anything else. I use charts for most trades.
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      Bidness Etc Official Account
      New age platform for latest in finance & everything else. Through Bidness Etc, we're bringing the 99% back in the loop by presenting the best financial research in the simplest and most creative ways possible.
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      Renaissance Capital Official Account
      Renaissance Capital provides pre-IPO research and global IPO market analytics to institutional investors. The firm manages portfolios of unseasoned equities through the Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) and the Renaissance International IPO ETF (IPOS).
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      Earl Tatum
      Making dollars out of cent$
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      Jeff Bezos
      Jeff Bezos is an American business magnate and investor. He is a technology entrepreneur who has played a key role in the growth of e-commerce as the founder and CEO of, an online merchant of books and later of a wide variety of products.
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      Nili Young
      A professional daytrader, I started my career in the early 60s at Hertzfeld Stern. Did Due Diligence and M&A work for a few firms. Held a series 7 for a while. Spent a really long time as an IT/financial researcher. Now trade for my own accounts.
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      Stan Bokov Official Account
      Interactive online charts with free real-time data. Embed charts into any blog or forum and they update themselves. Share insight, comment and follow others.
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      Josiah Spencer
      JPM Feb 9, 2012 - May, 9, 2012 "London Whale" $JPM Feb. 21st- Sept. 15 2011 Short $BAC, $JPM, Gold 1750 2008 CDO's <Risk Manager>
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      Updates on what top hedge funds are buying & selling.
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      Rishesh Singh
      "I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett
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      I am a full time blogger & stock trader. Technical analysis & charts are the foundation to my trading. I enjoy teaching & helping others take control of their trading by using the tool of charts.
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      Brett Steenbarger Official Account
      Trading coach, stock index trader, author, blogger, five kids, six grandkids, and four rescue cats. I have a special interest in the integration of quantitative and discretionary approaches to trading.
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      Grace Tenkay
      Day trader, swing trader, position trading too. Providing market liquidity from coast to coast.
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      Tradespoon Official Account
      Former OptionsXpress Chief of Technology, providing daily stock and options picks with entry and exit points. Recommended by Barron's. Picks based on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis. Try us for Free today.
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      Livevol Community
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      Bark at the Moon
      Generation X is sick of your bullshit.