@MSB23 It's an interesting discussion between $UBER and $LYFT here that you point out with your observations. Generally speaking, these stocks moved in relative unison prior to their last ERs. After that however, we saw divergence with UBER having a very negative reaction to its ER, whereas LYFT remained generally flat after its report. LYFT then moved up to test the $50 level and pull back, while UBER steadily regained price to its current retest of the $34 level. What I find quite interesting is that as of now, the price levels of both stocks are generally where they each were back in Sept '19, prior to the last ER (highlighted by the yellow circles). LYFT however has already breached those Sept '19 levels in its post-ER test and pullback, whereas UBER has yet to breach those levels during this current retest. If UBER cannot break its Sept '19 resistance levels here, you could have a possible pair trade (short UBER, long LYFT). *Please trade with your own judgement at your own risk*
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