$MDXG As predicted: NO ANSWER only 8th grade name calling. The SEC fine was $1.5 million not the $50 million touted by many shorts. The numbers that HAVE been revealed show there was no MASSIVE FRAUD with 70% of revenues faked by channel stuffing or revenue recognition discrepancies. Top notch new CFO in the wings; top 5 accounting firm reconciling audited statements; sales WILL be hit by the previous two years --but is MDXG going bankrupt- not a chance. It HAS best in class Wound Care product line that HAS a value. It has an AI IND with FDA RMAT status and later Phase2b clinical trial results to be released sometime in the first half of this year for an UNMET MEDICAL need. So call me names -hold it against me that I do have two Harvard Graduate Degrees-- but still: did you answer my questions? ANYONE? ANYONE? u are a silly cornered short troll or a paid hack. Enjoy your pitiful sad sack existence plaguing MBs of companies in which you 'supposedly' hold no shares. ha. what a joker.
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