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    Clay Heald Joined Mar 16, 2010

    Hard working business owner looking for stock/option swing trade opportunities for own portfolio. Good luck to all.


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      Jake Love
      💸💸 Come learn the market along side some of the top traders 💸💸 💸💸 Free For 30 Days 💸💸 Free webinar on Options trading Weds sept 13th. 💸💸 Link Below 💸💸
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      Paul Day
      :: Professional Day and Swing Trader :: Trade Alongside professionals and 11k retail traders :: Free Link in Bio ::
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      Value investor. Developing my system focus w/ on technicals. Ideas are my own.
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      Matthew Timpane
      Just a man without a face... Officially freed from my oppressors chains. My banter is of my own murky theorems & they do not reflect investment advice. @mtimpane on $TWTR, blog to journal my thoughts coming soon too!
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      I am a successful trader who follows William O'Neil's trading principles.
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      Adam Shoe
      Options: currently short premium / long delta via mixed portfolio strategies 30-90DTE swing trades, earnings, tech, industrials, consumer staples, biotechs.
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      Alexander Hamilton
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor & Trader. B.A.Economics / B.S.Engineering / M.B.A.Technology & Finance. Author of US Constitution. Creator of US Financial System and First US Central Bank. First US Secretary of Treasury.
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      29 / NYC based Portfolio Manager. Follow and invest in a small universe of high quality growth & value companies. Focus on "Margin of Safety", Valuation/Financials, Mgmt., GARP, MOATs & timeless household BRAND names. Long Term Outlook (5-10+ years).
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      Forex Signals
      ForexSignalsFactory offers short and long term signals to beginners and professionals who are looking to upgrade their trading experience by saving precious time and money. Our signals are totally free
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      Sophia Bell
      HEY everybody :) Hope to make lots of friends, and even more money!! Join my chatroom if you want :)
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      Stock Technicals
      Click my link to learn about Stocks! Charts! Technicals! Custom Entry/Exit signals! Let's make some money together people! Check out the link!
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      So Generous
      Financial Engineer. Using technical analysis, fundamentals, & market psychology. Made 1,000%+ on FB, NFLX, and REGN options. My goal is to become one of the greatest investors and traders that ever lived.
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      Dennis Gossett Jr
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      What I do is to determine without emotions major turning points and strong trends of major assets that include global indices, equity sector classes, high liquidity stocks, debts & fixed income, commodities and currencies.
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      Kevin B. Bantz
      Reading the Music of the Markets One Crescendo at a Time. Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F. Hutton alum, keep listening.
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      Tradespoon Official Account
      Former OptionsXpress Chief of Technology, providing daily stock and options picks with entry and exit points. Recommended by Barron's. Picks based on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis. Try us for Free today.
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      Gio Stelly
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      Creator of a STATISTICAL ANALYSIS method based upon The Central Limit Theorem .. Ideas for watch lists only, not recommendations to buy or sell. Utilizing the insight of statistical confidence levels.
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      Dave Neville
      Writer,Dr.,Lawyer,Architect,Equities day trader,Race car driver, Actor,Philanthropist,Astronaut,Time traveler,Bull shit artist, The Last one is a lie,Trust Me. Tawas Michigan