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    Chad LaFarge Joined Feb 22, 2014

    Hangout Producer, Software Engineer, Realtor. I don't offer ADVICE, but sometimes provide OPINION... and only MY opinion, not any employer's or client's.


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      jaron ray hinds
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      Rasool Cunningham
      I'm the luckiest person in the world! I found trading in a jail cell next to the cell of a convicted embezzeler in a NY state prison. I can truely, truely say trading has changed my life.
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      Joe McCann
      Founder, @Slingshot_Invst - Biotech focused investor - Former HF Healthcare Analyst - Tweets are my view not a rec. - HQ @WeWork - William & Mary Alum New York / LA / CO
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      Novice trader, here to learn.
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      Colin Macleod
      Obsessed day trader looking to take the market for all its worth bringing all of you along with me for the ride & promise to bust out a sick amount of money making Tweets everyday FOLLOW ME!