$KODK Kodak (NYSE:KODK). Over the years, Kodak stock holders have been put through the ringer, not just once but on multiple occasions. Kodak (KODK) logo on sign at company headquarters Source: Katherine Welles / shutterstock.com/ Check the popular financial message boards and you’ll likely see an impassioned debate over the future of Kodak. This is a company that has had to reinvent itself in a dramatic fashion. And because of this adaptation, not everyone is on board with the Kodak of 2020. Will there be a “Kodak moment” for investors who have ridden the stock’s proverbial roller coaster? Don’t count on the price action calming down anytime soon, as it is a big mover. But if you can handle the volatility, the rewards could outweigh the risks. At the very least, we know for sure that there is a large-scale investor with a sizable stake in the company. Is that a bullish sign? Let’s examine the facts so you can decide for yourself.
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