$HAPP Let's get on the same page with regard to the rumored buy back. Everyone is talking about a buy back like it is a done deal. But, where did that idea come from? It came from an email reply from Ping confirming that the company is seriously considering it. Just because IR says they are seriously considering it doesn't mean they are going to pull the trigger. In fact, upon serious consideration they will likely choose not to pull the trigger given they IPO-ed less than a year ago and they just introduced a dividend. The float is already low and IMHO it would make no sense to take more shares out of the market. They would be better off increasing the dividend and working diligently to bring more institutions on board. They need to participate in investor conferences. But, ultimately the numbers will attract more buyers and this will reverse course. It just may not be in your penny-flipping time frame. Long AF!
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