@SuperStockSRT please who was the president in 2014 when spirit was traded @ 84.47 kinda forgot. Was it a republican or democrate? Help me. By the way that was the highest the stock ever traded at.
@SoloDolo80 @cletuschukwu Undoubtedbly, a democrat win would change tbe entire dynamic of the upswell we're experiencing with hope of a return to pre-covid trump economy. WallStreet won't know how to price in a socialism model of totalitarian style control and super regulation, china could regain its dominance and we could be in the worst place ever, imo. With increased scrutiny over our finances, it would be a gamechanger indeed. We all need to learn how to play both sides of the market., and pay higher fines (taxes) for our risk returns. God Bless America, and Her Free!
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