$BCRX in case anyone wants a small positive, our "current liabilities" is now the lowest it's been since june 2019. non-current is shown on here wrong and should be up, but non-current will come due in over a year from now and current debt weighs on us more there was a $20m debt write-off due to some old peramivir royalty agreement expiring also - receievables up nicely from last quarter. note the flat receivables from last quarter approx predicted our flat revenue this quarter. i think it's a very rough revenue predictor but being up that much seems good also - the 10-Q says that those marketable securities are US gov securities and will mature within a year on the negative side the interest from the RPI agreements (royalty loans) is high - although this is added to non-current debt
@clownmarket revenue is recorded with receivables in accrual based accounting. I’m not sure how future revenue estimates would be derived from receivables
@Darryl15 @clownmarket You can't derive future estimates but you can see roughly if the next quarter will increase or stay flat To see what I mean this is our top line net revenue. Deduct 15m from the quarter marked in red as this was affected by the 15m milestone payment Then compare this to the pattern of receivables in each previous quarter you can see it roughly follows. That is all I'm highlighting