$BCRX oh man so much going on in that PR! and unexpected. a few negatives but obviously the positive of 9930 outweights that pos: - 9930 back - EPS better than expected (!) - (0.32) - SG&A only went up to $38m (consider we are doing europe ourselves, and for e.g. AUPH today report $51m SG&A. i am ok with $38m... it's a number i watch carefully - guidance raise neg: - a bit disappointed w/ revenue. met expectations but not my own expectations - R&D went UP not down - still need to find the specific dosage for 9930 but they do say it won't take long important: not FULL green light yet for 9930 (see pic). FDA is cool with it, massive validation for the company. now the ball is in the company's court - they have freedom to decide what to do but this is overall so positive for us. happy for everyone here