$CIDM let's play a fun game and look at identified revenue based prelim ER of 8.3MM, now let's extrapolate that number by 10% per qte over the forth coming qtrs. Gives us a 38.5MM revenue number. Utilizing a valuation multiplier of 3 gives us a market cap of 115.56 MM or .70 cents a share. It's crude, but a way to try and value the company. If any one disagrees, let me know would like to understand you thesis on the value. And methodology. tvrev.com/media-mergers-and...
@cmpstk These numbers are based on just Revenues? What about the value of the company, the content, the technology the company has? That's why we have valuation and currently sitting undervalued IMO.
@oh3mgeewtf Agree, as I noted it is one method which could be looked at as crude, but is still relevant. In looking at the EV of the company based on most recent information it's 181MM. So there that
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