$AABB This is an OTC stock with one of the most vertically integrated setups I’ve ever seen. It’s globally-minded, forward/disruptive-thinking, and a good minute ahead of the imminent inflation crisis. Gold mine to token is about the most brilliant thing I’ve heard of and we’re just getting started. This is get-in, load-up time. Is there a greater risk in buying into the vision at this early stage? Of course, as is the case with many penny stocks. But with that also comes greater reward. There are OTCs out there that can’t even crop a website logo properly. And dividends? Pshhh at this early a phase of development? Unheard of. So if you’re going to point out what’s not yet developed (but in progress) in a company that has its nose to the grindstone for a successful launch, we’ll, that’s about as asinine as asking why a toddler can’t drive yet. It’s just the dumbest thing I have ever heard. This is OTC land ya ding dongs, and aabb is already looking like a prodigy amongst her peers.