$TXMD so u are still losing money. Never average down but always average up. Money would have been better used investing in spy Jmho
$TXMD bought another 1042 shares in my 401k today at 1.91. So now 6,297 shares in that account. Have 3035 shares in Robinhood. So total of 9,332 shares with overall average of 2.51. Not bad after 4 years and started with average of 6.30. Small fish here but bought some here and there to average down. 1 more year max and we are at least at 10. Possible B/O of 15-20 as they show better earnings. Annovera alone will be worth a 15 B/O. Love their relevant and bold ad too btw youtube.com/watch?v=ShDWDzT...
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