$BCRX anyone here took the time to see clinicaltrials.gov/? The status is still recruiting - phase 1, part 1....est completion date...may 2021?? Are you guys telling me that Gali will be “golden drug” to cure covid...Until they reach phase 3, 10+ vaccines will be out and no need for this drug...wake up folks !! If you invested in this for Gali, better take money out now...
@condaddy @Hp24 and maybe that is part of the problem. But I have to say, if anyone is still on this for gali, you should really think about your investing strategy again. It’s been clear for some time this part of the pipeline is dead
@Slick_Nik @Hp24 I'm not sure how you reached that conclusion. The world literally had its worst day ever yesterday and the US is quickly coming back to its previous highs. There is still plenty of opportunity for gali.
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