@ladyinRedStocks_143 @SlimCrazy Know your risks too. Dont invest what you cannot afford to lose. Always set some sort of stop loss if you have invested a lot and cannot hold in red for a long time. You got to follow some discipline otherwise people lose money here. I lost 16k in Crypto becuase i had no idea ,it was my first time investing in 2017. LOL. After being burnt by crypto and my lack of understanding of how to trade and the rules to preserve your capital and cut losses and take profit , now i am aware made back some of it and will make back more than what i lost as i am beginning to follow these rules. And I am Investing only in those which have solid chart techinicals pointing to reversals and good companies that are known to bounce back even if it goes red and always taking profit when in green, not selling out of panic and also knowing when to cut losses and make it back.