The best word I can use for today is, "inconsistent." As of this moment, I've got 20 tickers that are now green for the day, while 22 are now red for the day. I bought dips in the morning and few of them have found a deeper dip (sigh). I'm blaming Texas for setting the tone for today 😁. Let's hope the higher temps pull up these prices!
@Adam0217 First, thanks for the positive feedback. Trail stops - I used to use them, made me fell safe; but they ultimately only hurt me. Most of the big boys will tell you they use a "mental stop loss" b/c MM's hunt them, take your shares, then the price goes up. I've stopped using them and only set GTC_EXT sell limits. Looking back at a couple of MIP alerts that I bailed on b/c they got too painful...guess what, even 7 months later, I could've sold for breakeven or profits (not always). But everyone has their pain threshold and $ amt of reserves. Buckle-up, this dip may only be the beginning.