You went to Harvard? With your intellect, I dont think they will hire you as a janitor. You have told me about your 5 million, you have told me about your elite education, now you will tell me you dined with queen Elizabeth and was knighted. You bloody fool, you can talk all you want about how great you are. But end of the day, dont let go off that minimum wage job. Because you are going to need that job to pay for your internet.
@cooldeals yup you proved my point you are a terrible psychologist. You keep saying I’m dreaming but I told you my net worth and it’s much more than yours. You say I’m not smart but how did I attend better universities than you? I went to UPenn and Harvard medical school. Where did you go? Your local community college? Don’t give me advice. It’s terrible just like everything about you. I only have a negative attitude towards communist criminals who cheat elections and want to destroy the American economy. Since you support those type of people I have a negative attitudes towards you since you root for joe Biden’s communist agenda. Your a traitor to America and you should feel ashamed of yourself.
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