$CHAP solid professor! Thank you for all you do.
$CHAP There's no "evidence" of a buy out. Is CHAP a good candidate for buy out? Better than most. Their Natural Gas & Nat Liquid Gas is 70% of the 96.6 mmboe - aka 96.6 million barrels - proved reserves ...NG & NGL are highly regarded to run. May 12th Earnings Call mentioned that CHAP hired consultants & lawyers regarding increasing value. And they left a cryptic comment about not making any statements until they had a material agreement. I pointed this language out in a post analyzing the May 12 EC. Read it at link. But this is PURE CONJECTURE...nothing more. Hyping "conjecture" as if it was a legitimate "rumor" coming from Insiders can DESTROY price action. The board becomes infested with it...and then frustrated. The company signals opposite the rumor and folks lose faith then exit. CHAP doesn't need it. The fundamentals are strong. Today was a good solid day. Give me five in a row just like it. stocktwits.com/Dgofer/messa...
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