@The_Perfect_Wave my webull jaz account is beautiful and nicely simmering with the exception of 2 old bags. Webull is a bitch with DT and unsettled funds. Need to clear out RH to DT from. Then WB for pre/after hour plays
@UpsAndDowns08 it'll work out and i feel ya on TD babe. tried their phone app about two times and said nope lol.. I do love the webull phone app. not sure there's a better one out there actually. they aprroved me to trade crypto this morning. i have no idea how to do it and will go slam broke and they know it :):):)
@The_Perfect_Wave @UpsAndDowns08 Thank you. I know It will love. Just my 'I want now kicking in and flustered seeing my educational errors slapping me in the face daily. Webull learning curve is finally cleaning up. Turning it into a Jaz swing account. Once I clean up my aezs and pixy bags I'll leave those funds as DT funds. So far I'm only doing $100 per swing till I build more. Anyone on the fence, i went from heavy deep reds to this following Jaz! I did slip $200 into OCGN AH 😆
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