$XSPA I know this pic circulated earlier and got shutdown for not involving XSPA but after some DD i disagree. Xspa has a jfk location in terminal 39 and at terminal C in LaGuardia. I know Xspa cancelled their partnership with relevant healthcare who was partnered with Quest but that doesn’t mean XSPA can’t directly have a contract with Quest. According to Google maps, JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia all have a Quest within 10 minutes of the facility. The Times article said analysis would happen at local labs, which checks out. Also makes sense to have the local labs be under the same umbrella for accuracy and logistics sake. Also Holy construction, who built the jfk pilot, has locations in Newark and queens which means they’ll probably build Newark and LaGuardia. It took them 14 days to build, and the email says LaGuardia testing starts on 7/7. Which means construction at LaGuardia would need to start tomorrow. Would be interesting if they announce that during the PA meeting on Thursday
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