$BLSP (part 1) We might just have a LOTUS Discord group on the way! Here's an update posted to the LOTUS FB group earlier: We've had an awesome LOTUS soldier working behind the scenes to throw together an excellent server! He's adding some finishing touches, and we've been considering some options for security, and channels that could feature posts from LOTUS' DD experts. As for DD, what would you all like to see featured? Here are some channels that we're considering: - Ray's updates from LOTUS - Uglyboy's DD - Investisseur/Kasheltrader's chart analysis - (name removed because I don't know his ST name)' posts These channels can either be used by the respective DD experts to post what they choose, or we can try to keep a 'feed' of their content in the channels to keep everyone updated on the latest BLSP news and announcements. Participation is completely up to them, and we're open to any suggestions!