$SNCA I'm so confused with ppl complaining about this stock and their high avg... were you holding shares before the 2 dollar pop? If you didn't sell? Blame yourself for your own greed. Or maybe you were chasing? Hoping for another pop? Again blame yourself for your own greed. We all want fast money. Heck! I heard heroine makes good money. All I'm saying is invest calmly and collectively without emotions. You will make profitable moves. First thing you should do after every bad trade is analyze your decisions. What led to you losing? Did you have a entry point and exit plan? Where's your stop loss and the level of support? How much is your calculated loss that you are willing to lose? Yes! You heard that right! Calculating your losses is part of your strategy. I'm still new to trading but I never blame the market or a stock for my poor decisions in FOMO. I wish nothing but gains for everyone! Enjoy your memorial weekend! GLTA
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