$SPY $QQQ $IWM If You Want Trump Out, You Need To Sell Your Stocks https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/876837-avi-gilburt/5373024-want-trump-need-sell-stocks As Mr. Prechter noted in his conclusions: “We found that the stock market is significant predictor of election results in all cases. As surmised, the best result was the 3-year period prior to the election. One of our landslide tests obtained a perfect score.” In the period beginning three years prior to the 2020 election (November 2017), the stock market was within the 2550SPX region, and has risen more than 20% higher since. Therefore, if the market maintains these levels or higher into the election, it is likely that Trump would win by a landslide, based upon Prechter’s historical analysis. I still do not view the greater probabilities suggesting that we are on our way to my long term target for the SPX in the 4000 region before we see more of a stock market correction first.
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