$SPY What Your Eyes Say About You? yourchineseastrology.com/fa... Yes, Adam Schiff @AdamSchiff !! Sanpaku Eyes (Three Whites): If the sclera is visible above or beneath the iris, making the iris bounded by sclera on three sides, it is called Sanpaku Eyes or Three Whites Eyes. There are two kinds of Three Whites Eyes: Upper-Three Whites (sclera is above the iris) and Lower Three-Whites (sclera is beneath the iris). The latter is most seen. Looking terrifying, this kind of people is usually adventurous, cool, cunning, and venomous. They have a strong personality, would like to sacrifice anything to gain the aim. So, many of them have a great achievement in society. Better don’t challenge this kind person because he is touchy, violent and suspicious. Forgot attachment . sorry !
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