$VUZI Shame in ANY company let alone VUZIX making FRAUDULENT COVID19 CLAIMS about a partners tech capabilities when paired with their smart glasses VUZIX understands what their Tech Partners tech Can and Can Not do when paired with the M400, M4000 or a Blade. Just Making it UP First, Ie LibreStream with its +\-11 Degree Specs fir Industrial Applications up to 1000 Degree Fahrenheit: 11 Degree error rate when thermal imaging gun hits a Industrial Smelting or 900 degree oven a far cry from remotely Thinking y’all can match an infared human thermometer like CDC is using with required 0.2degree specs; Even LibreStream states otherwise in every contact made Second they have Sword\XLABS tech which a far cry from LibreStream because it’s error rate in specs is cut down 70% to within less than 4-5 degrees F, who issued a LinkedIn pic of FEEVR who VUZIX Used the pic from XLABS to further their Fraud claim with LibreStream Weird stuff at VUZIX HQ - is the cash crunch really that bad