$TWTR BI-DEN ... .
$TWTR Okay I lied this is the last thing I am going to post for real, Seeing a lot of misinformation here, FAR right wing ideology is not fascism. Far right is anarchy, I am a Anarcho-capitalist . I am the real far right, The media and universities have brain washed the population into believing far right is fascism. It is not, communism and fascism are both left wing ideologies. The nazis were socialist and communist are socialist, They are two sides of the same anti populist coin. Our country was founded on Anarcho-capitalist ideas. Our entire constitution is pretty Anarcho-capitalist. Social media and big tech are censoring a political enemy, doxing them, showing up to their house, getting them fired from their job. Please tell me whos really the fascist here. Ill wait.
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