$ENVB I posted yesterday but wanted to share again. •Enveric Biosciences just received an IRB approval in Israel and is awaiting approval from Ministry of Health in order to be in clinic with Phase I II study by end of year. •Recently acquired licensing to 5 molecules from Diverse Biotech. •Enveric is working to extend the lives and assist with patient care in individuals battling glioblastoma (aggressive, nasty brain cancer). •Developing novel therapeutic drug solutions to increase the standard of care in cancer patients. •CEO was also CEO of ConvaTec- turned ConvaTec from 180 million EBITDA to 520 million EBITDA during his 11 year reign. •Multiple other plans in the works. •Low, low, low float. 🚀 🚀 🚀 •Huge discount at sub 3’s 🏦 •Vast upside. •Holding until 6+ •Our world has never been more cannabis-friendly. Just like EV, Blockchain, and Crypto, this is the present and the future✌️