@dansprevail Scratching my head on this post. I got in about 3 months before the jump and made $28k. The next jump which was smaller I made $4k. Started swing trading it with massive buys and selling at 1 cent jump and been doing that for over 6 months. Made $2400.00 last month. Not bad for pushing buttons. To know DOGE is to learn DOGE. 60% of the investors on DOGE are doing the same thing. So if you have lost on DOGE, you need to rethink this. Some in here are fresh out of clown college and lose their asses with no patience. Right now buy the dips in the mid .12's with at lest 100k and sell in low .13's and take Elon's money $1k at a time. Then you win.
@Dash_Riprock_57 there is no "making 2400" its fake money, remember? I started buying slowly and added a few months ago. Do you get it yet? I dont want you to scratch your head too much and have a bald spot.
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