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    Dan Tiv Joined Nov 05, 2012


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      WinningTrades4U Official Account. Founder and Lead Operator of WT4U Online. Secure your 7-Day Risk Free Trial today within the leading online trader-geared community today! Follow @AlphaAnalyst for stock alerts. The fun is w/in WT4U
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      Master chart reader and leader of TheMoneyPitt™ alert room where together we earn $100's even $1000's daily. Join a great team and make money everyday while learning and getting better at trading. Click on the link at the bottom to join.
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      Top 10% Disciplined Trader
      Top 10% 📈 Stock Trader & Investor who 🚨 alerts the 🔥 hottest 🚀 stocks daily with entry & exit all before they take off. Best winning chatroom through results and word of mouth. Learn & Earn-3 Day FREE Trial Join Now and Start 🙌+💰 Link below 👇
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      Warrior Trading Official Account
      In the Warrior Trading chat room we review the market and trade the biggest movers every day! Join here: Disclaimer:
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      Daniel Ward Official Account
      Healthcare investing junkie with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. Specialize in value small cap biotechs. CFA candidate. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      David Blair Official Account
      Keep trading simple with a clearly defined process based on price alone. Trade what is, not what you think should be. Opinions only.
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      Luca Casabene
      Congrats to our team for an amazing first week! Were opening ALLSTARHQ for new members for a limited time. If you want a chance to learn and trade with the best, send an email to w/ your email and ST profile by noon tmrw!
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      Owner of BullTradeFinder. What I say here is my own opinion and not an investment suggestion, endorsement or recommendation. I trade off financials and solely my strategy is Support & Accumulation. DO DD MY FRIENDS! #StayGreen
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      Free Stock Picks
      Calls: AUPH +490%, RLOG 300%, CIDM 120%, EVOK 112%, CIE 65%, ADVM 59%, CERU 50%, INFI 40%, and many others. Don't miss out, follow us for FREE here. Technical and Fundamental analysis drives all picks.
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      Live Traders
      Become a Profitable Trader NOW! Kickstart your trading career with our Free eBook, Download now #stockmarket #daytrading
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      Jared Wesley
      10 year professional trader enjoying the perks and lifestyle this business affords.
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      Anmol Singh✔
      Professional Stock Market & Forex Trader. Now Mentoring others on a Better way to Trade with Periscope/Twitter/Snapchat-@DeltaNinety #daytrading #trading #stockmarket
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      I established back in 2004. Stop chasing stocks after a mod tells you he just bought. THAT'S NOT TRADING! We call out trade ideas BEFORE we enter them! You will learn to trade properly in our chat room.
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      trader lady
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      Trading for a long time. If you think you can learn anything from me; go to my website and provide me with an email address. Twits are not a buy/sell recommendation. Informational Purposes Only!*
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      Jon Hayes - WSJ Pro Feature
      23, Professional Stock Trader📈 | Blogger | Entrepreneur💼 | Private Wealth Manager💰. Wall Street Journal 1x Pro feature. CEO of RISE, OOOmarketing, and Stocktrapping.
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      Maximillian A. Sablosky
      Electrical Engineer | Tech Wizard | Vulture Day Trader Nothing great was ever gained without a certain element of risk. Wealthy Opportunist. Gambler.
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      I Trade based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis from Scalps & Swings to Long Term. The Key To Becoming A Successful Trader.