$BTC.X i bought at 6700 when most people were crying. i sold here while most people are euphoric. it is just what i do. if it keeps going great :) i'm happy and have exceeded my trade target. i am confident in my trade here, and if it decides to keep going i do not mind buying back higher if needed. i have my reasons for anticipating a retracement and wanting to lock it in. i'm not really a moon trader playing this thinking it will go to $100,000 overnight, there will be plenty of time to enter again if needed.
@darylroberts91 @staraman I’m not mad at you. And despite staraman’s complete DOUCHE of an attempt at providing advice... I wouldn’t sell it all just yet. Maybe hold 20% if that’s all you’re comfortable with. ??? Just a thought. House money, my man. Good luck and great trade. 👊
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