$SPRT So here's a tip on how to play these HF/Citadel sponsored PUMP AND DUMP "short squeezes"... As it's going up and when whatever technical indicator you use signals an overbought situation, you buy some OTM puts; e.g. ATER, say you got in at $13.65, as it is going up -- you watch the fucking ticker on these plays, don't just buy and go play golf because often the whole game could last no more than a few candlesticks. So at around $18 the stock was at RSI 81, which is overbought. At that point A) get out, or B) sell a portion so that whatever is left rides free and C) buy some $13 puts with the nearest strike date, which when the stock hit $18 should have been relatively cheap. This way you're not just a puppet at the mercy of the gangsters running the walls street roulette wheel. Also recognize that if there are options on these P&D plays, often the action is going to happen PM or AM to avoid retail taking advantage of hedging/leveraging through options. Be extra careful.