$SPY You know I've said this in a conversation recently but I see these Trump supporters constantly spew BS and I just for the life of me don't get why they would praise such a clown of a president. This is about uniting a nation, not inciting violence, not spewing hatred, being concerned about peoples health and those in dire need of help. Being empathetic, humane and a leader. Trump is all about himself...End of story! You can deflect about conspiracy theories, wars in other countries, belittle anyone that disagrees with Trump etc. In all my almost 51 years on this planet I have never seen so much hatred, riots and lack of concern for others. That's my opinion. The question you need to ask yourselves is why are we in a much more dangerous environment health wise and violence/hatred environment today under this president than under any other president in the past 50 years? $QQQ $NDAQ $DJIA
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