$ADMP Alright, Dennis. Damn, it seems like this would get easier over time, but this one was hard to take. How was it for you? Does it feel like failure, or do you still maintain that you’ve never failed at anything? Look at the value of all your ADMP shares today. Sure, you’re still way up from the $0 you paid for them, but what a decrease from yesterday, to say nothing of 4 years ago, when I got in. If only you had listened when so many of us told you that you don’t have the skills to make this company succeed, and that you should step down! Not only would you have more money now, but so would the rest of us, including the grandson you gifted all those shares to last year. If only you had half the talent for running a company as you do for investing (evidenced by your wisdom in not buying ADMP shares under any circumstances). Well, I think I’m ready to say good-bye and not look back. You’ve shown you no longer have anything to offer me. Indeed, you’ve shown you never did.
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