$TWOH TWOH (Two Hands Corp) is the parent company for gocart.city/. This stock is Pink Current and an SEC filer. gocart.city/ is the website for the main subsidiary, GoCart. It's aiming to be Canada's version of Instacart. It's really cheap and we're in a hype market (think: Instacart is rumored to IPO this year), and they are rated very highly in Ontario where they're based out of (5-star on google). The share structure is really solid for a sub-penny; there's only 2 billion outstanding shares. I'm expecting an explosion based on either the company scaling or the upcoming Instacart IPO. parent company's website is twohandsgroup.com. their website is excellent. everything about them seems clean and professional to me, and I really think this is going to be a big deal.