$TWOH TWOH's most recent financials (Second Quarter 10Q) came out August 16th, on time; continued revenue growth. Remember, TWOH is a long hold for exponential gains. - Revenue in Q2 was $174,774, compared to $7,993 in Q2 2020. So the updated year over year figures stand as this: from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021, revenues are up 2,187%. - Further, for the six month period of January - June 2021, TWOH's total revenues are $364,081, which on a six month-basis accounts for a 4,555% revenue increase over January - June 2020 TWOH's grocery and meal kit delivery vertical is still relatively new but clearly in demand. *** Remember, this 10Q covers Q2, April through June. TWOH just stripped away their non-profitable verticals on July 7th. So anything since then is not part of this. Reduced overhead from the deleted verticals won't be appreciated until the next 10Q. *** - Set it and forget it, nibble on any pullbacks - Link to 10Q filing: sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/ed...