$KULR OK, I know everybody here cares most of all what I think, so here's my answer to all the people writing that kulr will be like a fang stock one day. No. No, it won't. This is more how it'll be: a) If you grew up when I did, if you think Quaker Oil, it reminds you of your only chance at getting "Q" when playing the alphabet game on one of those interminable car rides with your intolerable siblings. And also, in general, the motor oil name that 1st pops to mind. b) When you think of rototillers, it's always a Troybuilt. c) Imagining fried chicken and green beans cooked with onions and bacon almost to a pulp (but incredibly delicious), it's Grandma Q. you can almost see. d) Sneezing, you always reach for a Kleenex, not a generic tissue. Yeah. Yeah, that last one's the ticket.