$KTOV Thank you desperate shorts and basher/buyers for trying so hard to use to your advantage the invalid “Imminent Reverse Split” scare tactic. I updated the new Seekingalpha article on KTOV to reflect the fact that NASDAQ granted the company until September 18, 2020 to meet the minimum $1 listing requirement. Anything else that you would like me to dispel?? Here is the link for the updated article: seekingalpha.com/instablog/... Cheers!!
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@jstraissand Three recommendations: 1. Is 'Contesi' going to be the generic name for 'Consensi'? If not, I would've fixed that while you were adding the section on the extension Kitov was granted to get into compliance. There are few other small typos, as well. You worked too long and hard on that piece to risk anyone questioning its validity because of little mistakes here and there. Before publishing, do all you can to make it as close to perfect as it can be. 2. The next time you update it, could you include a paragraph about the time Isaac went to jail over Consensi? It turned out to be a BS charge, but it is nonetheless part of Kitov lore. Newcomers might find it amusing. 3. You did a respectable job on the article. Others would have found it/will find it. You don't need to promote it so much yourself. When others do the promoting for you, that's the best kind of advertising because it is organic. I welcome and appreciate your enthusiasm! Best wishes to Kitov, and us all.
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