$KTOV I have a small position with 600 shares. I would like to increase to 5000 shares. I hate losing money especially since its money out of my kids mouth. If this merk deal doesnt happen then ktov drops to nothing basically correct?
@Sigsauerarned @CaitlynTrades If KTOVW (warrants) dip to .16 or lower tomorrow, I’d consider picking some up because in this volatile environment you can flip them pretty easily for ~ +25%. There is more risk involved with warrants than commons, however, so don’t go crazy- nibble a bit and see what you think. With PR these Ws will explode short-term. However, don’t buy above .16. PT +25% to +50%. Get in and get out, young mamba-snake. Slither away like a bandit and then keep it like a secret. If the opportunity arises, do it again. GL