$SPY Dadgumit, y’all, but I’m an investor who likes good investments, and I’m gonna go ahead and lay it out there: Donald Trump never, ever accepts any blame for this mess. I’d have respect for him if he’d told us, “We thought this, but we learned THIS. Now, we’re fixing it.” Don’t y’all appreciate imperfect (like all of us) straight-shootin’ employees? DJT works for you, and for me. I’m sick and damn tired of him pushing this off on China. Own the suck, DJT. Be an adult, male and OWN it
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@dcocb4 im sorry. Who is responsible for rhe virus again? Why on gods green earth would he take blame for a freaking virus? Thats like me blaming the flu on you.
@Cvrdcall1 I’ll respond if you capitalize “God” because I’m from the South- four years away from turning Blue. I show respect, and I truly believe Jesus was a hippy because many years ago I was forced to read (parts of) The Bible before I became a free-standing, Power to the People critical-thinker. I hate racists, and everything for which they stand. Not only do I vote, I actively recruit first-time voters. I am: the new, demographic-bending South, and I am much, much smarter than any MAGA. 🇺🇸