$WATT I can’t believe it...within an hour today Sereda & Rizz both left voice nails for me wanting me to vote. Rizz even gave me his Cell number to discuss my utter disgust with their leadership team. Sounds like they sure need my 128K shares to vote their way...
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@yiweizhang @WHTechGuy @Sundancer07 @Numbnutz @laluna2017 @FattyMcBoombalatty @sepira @ROADWORK_AHEAD 🥕 Yi, they don't need it anymore. When they put it on the agenda (VOTING FORM) back in MAR-APR, they wanted the option of the REVERSE SPLIT. And they WERE going to do it if the current share price required delisting from the exchange (as they wanted to stay listed on the NASDAQ). However, this is no longer a delisting issue. So they are NOT pursuing it, even if they have an RS approval vote. 🥕