$AMRN I like the fact your friend reports a BO is not now factored in by Wall Street.
$AMRN I have a friend who works on Wall St. I talk to him twice a year. I called to wish him happy holidays and I had to ask him his opinion on Amarin. He instantly said to me that he’s familiar with the stock and Amarin has had an incredible run. He congratulated me on my successful investment. He has a colleague who follows bio tech and said he would get back to me on his thoughts fwiw. He just emailed me back and said Wall St is pricing in secondary 100% and primary 75%. His opinion was that a buyout was unlikely at this point and that’s why the price is stagnant with all the good news. He likes it long term but it’s going to depend on future sales. Again, just one mans opinion. Thought I’d share.
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