#DEFIDOARMY 🐶🦴 First dog coin to a dollar $DEFIDO.X $SHIB.X $FLOKI.X $DOGE.X $KISHU.X Our time has come for our $DEFIDO.X Ethereum Launch! -Date: 11 October, this coming Monday -Time: 2pm USA eastern, 6pm UTC -Supply: 128 Million -Bridge between BSC and ETH will be open directly after launch -DeFido ETH will start with the same price as the BSC side! During this event, a small portion of liquidity will be moved and converted to Ethereum (without impacting the price) The exact amount will depend on market conditions, but we estimate between $50-75k. We will have an exact figure the day of the launch As is procedure, our Multi Signature wallet requires 3 of us to unlock. The transaction hash will be posted here for all to see. This is just the beginning 🐶