$VET.X time to lift off and leave those who sold to chase other coins behind! Let them be the ones helping us fuel past the 10 cents when the fomo back into their original position!!!
@MoneyMoneyCashMoney @delReyArt sure it could look like a nasty triple top in VET/USDT... But in my vet/BTC chart we are above my key fib resisistance at 0.00000154. so as long as btc doesn't dump and we hold that line I don't think VET/USDT gonna dump... I could be wrong, but we need to be positive to break 10 cents xDbif y'all get scared with the triple.top/ we not gonna break it xD
@MoneyMoneyCashMoney @delReyArt the fib levels I took from absolute bottom to absolute top of the chart. And we just entered the new fib level man, as long as we hold it why turn bearish? There is a chance we pump to the top of the next level.. also there is a chance we don't hold it and we dump hard, but I'm positive as long as we remain over.it...
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