$AMC - $17/$18 then what is next? $15? lol
$AMC a friend sent me this THEY WILL DROP THE PRICE TO AROUND $17/$18 for two reasons From a technical standpoint , there is a gap that must be filled. More importantly, they are betting apes will panic and sell. You ought to understand this. They can’t close or cover their positions using counterfeit shares. THEY WANT YOUR SHARES. As long as we hold , they will be digging themselves a deeper hole. Remember we have been talking about all of this. We were expecting this. Don’t panic. Do what you must and sell if you need to but don’t do it for the fear of the squeeze not happening. It’s simple. This isn’t Monopoly money. They need our shares. We hold , THEY WILL FOLD. This is the Final test. Looking at your stock sliding to $17 or so. It’s hard. No one said it will be easy BUT I’m certain a reversal will soon follow. Numbers don’t lie. Billions of counterfeits. They can’t magically make them go away. Together strong and SHAME OM the agencies that are getting paid to protect us.
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