Now that management has indirectly stated that $NIO shares are only worth $3.07 per share, and those loaning money to Nio that are interested in making money through the conversion and sale of those shares agreed to that value, there will be tremendous pressure going forward to keep the share price above $3.07 (obviously!). So the best option trade with a high probability of success going forward is most likely the sale of $3 Puts. I doubt if those will ever be exercised. The question is how much can you sell them for. 🌴$$$🌴
@watchoro Like I said. It’s either debt or dilution. In this case it’s convertible debt. Sure there’s no interest because these shares are going to be converted at $3.07 per shares. $NIO just told everyone what these shares are worth by agreeing to those terms. Don’t be naive. These shares have now been pegged at $3.07 by the very management who is suppose to be looking out for current shareholders. Management is trying to save their own jobs and guess who’s getting the bad end of that deal!
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